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AL Motakamel ERP  Bi Modules from ofis soft

  • AL Motakamel ERP  Alert System

  • AL Motakamel ERP Dashboard  System

  • AL Motakamel ERP  workflow  System

  • AL Motakamel ERP report generator System

AL Motakamel ERP Alert System

  • User can  create, edit, and delete alert rules (events)  as needed.

  •  the ability to merge alert data into email messages.

  • Conditions Filtering that allows alerts to appear only when certain criteria have been met.

  • ability to send text message to your clients  for marketing and advertising 

  • ability to use equations to create  an event and then send message 

  • ability to  send a Combined message instead of many messages 

  • ability to send messages to clients ,vendors or employees database related to the event in additional to customize list of receivers

AL Motakamel ERP Dashboard System

  • Powered by Qlik Sense (one of the top 10 dashboard tool in the world)

  • More than 35 ready made dashboards to analysis your data

  • Graphical interactive interface 

  • Mobile friendly interface 

  • Drag-and-drop techniques

  • High level view as well as the ability to drill down into the details of the business

  • ability to create snapshot any time 


AL Motakamel ERP  workflow System

  • Create in Business Steps, not Technical Activities

  • ability to design document workflow according to conditions (ex. value of the document)

  • Ability to define main approval as an alternative to regular approval (like chairman approval)

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