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Financial & Distribution Suite

  • General Ledger Features

  • Inventory Management

  • Sales & Account Receivables

  • Procurement & Account Payables

  • Letters of Credit

  • Fixed Assets

Almotakamel ERP financial modules

General Ledger Features

  • Flexible chart of accounts and user definable segments.

  • General Ledger Account code supports: Active / inactive accounts & Fixed / variable allocation accounts.

  • Flexible chart of Cost Centers and user definable segments.

  • Supports multi-company & multi-currency.

  • Managing currencies exchange rates and automatic revaluation.

  • Process the transaction with multiple currencies.

  • Controlling User Defined Financial periods (Multiple opened periods, reopen periods).

  • User defined transaction Journals.

  • Suspends processing for unbalanced entries.

  • Supports cost center distribution of entered amounts.

  • Supports recurring journal entries.

  • Comprehensive budgeting tool.

  • Cash management.

  • Comparative analysis reports.

  • User Defined Financial statements.

  • Supports On Line and Batch Update Posting.

  • No year-end delay... Entries, Reports and Inquiries may be run for the next year before closing the current year.

  • Automatic fiscal year end closing with New Year opening balances update .

  • Can be used independently or integrated with other Modules.

Inventory Management Features

  • Supports different kinds of items. (Services, Assembled, non-inventory and Inventory Items).

  • Supports color/ size matrix for garments industry. (Expiry date, Batch and Lot tracking.)

  • Supports unlimited numbers of items specifications supported with filtering reports.

  • Tracks on-line items balances (on hand, reserved, free, requested and on rout).

  • Support multiple UOM for each item.

  • User defined transactions codes.

  • Inventory Evaluation (FIFO,LIFO & Weighted Average).

  • Manipulates items alternatives.

  • Supports assembly and de-assembly components.

  • Applying cost center distribution.

  • Easy Stock taking procedures supported with variance report “with automaticsettlements upon user request”.

  • Inventory follows up through safety storage limits (Min., Max. and Re-order).

  • Inventory turnovers.

  • Consumption rates.

  • Detailed analysis report for slow moving items.

  • Monitoring & controlling your inventory count & value through a full suite of comprehensive reports.

  • Full integration with other modules.

Sales & A/C Receivables

  • Supports both direct sales and sales order processing.

  • Detailed data profile for customers.

  • Supports Different types of sales representatives (e.g. salesmen, sales supervisors and sales managers).

  • Monitoring & controlling sales reps targets (quantities and values) on monthly basis through powerful & comprehensive sales analysis reports.

  • User defined price lists.

  • User defined promotional methods for items depending on quantity and or invoice value.

  • Assign discounts to a product (group of products) for a specific customer (group of customers) depending on quantity or item value.

  • Automatic pricing based on quantity breaks or by price levels.

  • Quotations are easily converted to sales orders.

  • Sales orders are easily converted to sales invoices.

  • Order and stock status are checked at any entry point.

  • Comprehensive credit checking during sales order and invoice entry.

  • Detailed history for orders and invoices.

  • Automatic control and validate quantity and price of returned items off invoiceditems including the bonus settlement.

  • Support invoice scheduled partial payments.

  • Customer Payments can be applied to customer accounts on either a “balance forward“ or “open items “ basis.

  • Aging analysis reports by customer or sales reps.

  • Total control and monitoring of customers & sales reps activities through a suite of comprehensive reports.

  • Complete control on receivable notes and its different status and categorize it by customer, bank, safe, due date & sales rep.

Procurement & A/C Payables Features

  • Detailed data profile for suppliers.

  • Classifying suppliers according to customer needs.

  • Monitoring and controlling the procurement process (Requisitions, Vendors Proposals, Purchas orders, receiving goods, releasing invoices and payment).

  • Manipulates the vendor's proposals data with price comparison report.

  • Selected items from requisitions are easily converted to a purchase order.

  • Purchase orders are easily converted to invoices.

  • Purchase invoices can automatically create stock receiving notes.

  • Purchase invoices are easily created automatically by dragging of stock receiving notes.

  • Follow up reports for each item in a requisition or purchase order

              ( qty ordered – received – remaining ).

  • Full control for purchase orders

             (Including issuing, delivery, releasing invoices,… till order closing).

  • Full control for pricing and discounts.

  • Automatic stock checks and stock updates.

  • Payments can be applied to suppliers accounts on either a “balance forward “ or “open items “ basis.

  • Full control on payable notes and its different status and categorize it by supplier, due date & bank.

  • Date sensitive accounts payable aging report.

  • Total control and monitoring of suppliers activities through a full suite of comprehensive reports.

Letters of Credit

  • Maintains the personal and financial data for all vendors .

  • Maintains vendor's proposals for each item as price, currency, quality, terms of payment to assist in choosing the best vendor.

  • Maintains preliminary invoices data such as items, quantities, prices, terms of payment, delivery place......etc.

  •  Letters of credit data such as number of the letter of credit, type, vendor, items, prices, qualities, value, currency exchange rate, bank, terms of payment, opening date, place of delivery,... etc.

  • Allows receiving partial and complete shipment.

  • Allows you to assign any expenses to a specific shipment or to the whole L/C.

  • Allows you to assign the customs value and sales taxes for each item in the shipment.

  • Calculates automatically the cost of each item of the shipment (or each item of the L/C) in the foreign currency and its equivalent in the local currency to valuate foreign currency unit versus local equivalent.

Fixed Assets

  • Maintains the fixed assets information such as: asset code, name, description, original value, vendor code, purchase date, current value, location, cost center with dividing the assets to different groups.

  • Maintains the fixed assets depreciation information such as expected life, depreciation method, depreciation rate, start service date, accumulated depreciation,.... etc.

  • Maintains all types of transactions such as depreciation, transfers, disposal, .......etc.

  • Calculates depreciation on a monthly or annual basis or for any period .

  • Allows two types of depreciation methods which are fixed or decreasing depreciation.

  • Integrated with General Ledger.

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