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Human Resources Suite

ALmotakamel HR system consists of :

  • Payroll & Personnel

  • Time Attendance

Payroll & Personnel


  • Maintains all the employee’s personal data such as employee’s code, name, address, telephone number, educational degree, place of graduation, date of birth, ID number, marital status, military status ....etc.

  • Maintains all the employee’s employment data such as :employee’s code, name, branch, department, division, date of employment, position, degree ..... etc.

  • Allows the user to define all different deductions and allowances (fixed or variable), by different calculating methods.

  • Allows the user to define tax and social insurance calculating methods.

  • Tracks the employee’s loan with the possibility of deducting the loan installments automatically.

  • Calculates the net salary, taxes and social insurance for each employee, division, department, branch or company.

  • Supports special pay types (user-definable) such as bonuses.

  • Tracks the bonuses awarded to every employee and show salary behavior.

  • Maintains the different leaves for the employee and tracking the balance of leaves.

  • Maintains the punishments for each employee by type and date.

  • Multi-level security system.

  • Can be used independently or integrated with general ledger.

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