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Manufacturing Suite

  • Production & Capacity Planning

  • Production Control (Shop Floor)

  • Production Costing

  • Quality Management

  • Preventive Maintenance

Almotakamel ERP manufacturing suite



  • Reduce Costs

  • Improve Customer Relations

  • Textile Industry Special Requirements

  • Effective planning

  • Detailed & Immediate Analysis & Controlling

  • Provide Accessibility & Usability

  • Decision Support Information

  • Minimize discrepancy between the capacity of an organization and the demands of its customers.

  • Provide better utilization of existing capacity (machines or labors).

  • Better control of inventory management.

  • Improved scheduling.

  • Applying J.I.T concept in purchasing & production.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Provide the final product in proper time , in propercost & in proper quantity .

Production & Capacity Planning

Planning cycle

  • Receiving demands (sales order – forecast – replenishment order.)

  • Arranging the demands according to its priority.

  • Distributing demand among resources.

  • Appling J.I.T policy.

  • Running M.R.P to determine demand’s requirements.

  • Generating initial M.O. for each finished & semi finished demand.

  • Determine start & end date for each initial M.O

  • Load distribution among resources.

  • User load manipulation.

  • Generating more than one scenario.

  • Approving M.O of one scenario.

  • Issuing purchasing requisitions for needed R.M.

  • R.M. reservation.

Planning Components

  • Calendars

  • B.O.M

  • Resources 

  • Route

  • Product planning

  • M.P.S

  • M.R.P


  • Support multilevel B.O.M.

  • Support multi B.O.M for the same product.

  • Support scraps & yield handling.

  • Support fixed Qty consumption.

  • Support solution manipulation consumption.

  • Support textile adaptations for consumption.

  • (Consumption varies according to size & color).

  • Support loss ratio for raw material.

  • Raw materials distribution among different operations.

  • Support alternative items.

  • Copy B.O.M from B.O.M.

  • Support validity period & activation flag.


  • Features 

1- Multi level Manufacturing Resources (machine – labor – tool).

2- Capacity by Units or Time.

3- Multi calendars for the same resource   

4- Multi shifts for the same resource.

5- Resource User Defined Attributes.

6- Utilization and Efficiency Percentage for Every Resource.

7- Support outsourcing resource.



  • Support more than one route for the same item.

  • Support one route for multiple items.

  • Support multiple operations.

  • Support operation over lapping.

    • By time

    • By percent of time

    • By Qty

    • Parallel

    • Sequential

  • Support various type of time for each operation.

    • Fixed

    • Variable

    • Capacity Influence

  • Support out sourcing operations.

  • Support operations instructions.

  • Support automatic testing for the route

  • Support Copy route from route

Product planning

  • Support multiple P.L.T for the raw material depending on vendor.

  • Support fixed & variable P.L.T for each vendor.

  • Support multiple routes & B.O.M for each semi finished & finished product depending on :

    • Customer

    • Customer destinations

  • Support different types of order policy

    • Lot for order

    • Lot for model

      • Lot for lot

      • Lot for batch


  • Support forward & infinite capacity.

  • Support collective sales order, forecast & replenishment plans.

  • Support collective criteria according to

    • Customer

    • Document type (sales order, forecast, replenishment plan or all)

    • Period of time

    • Classification

  • Support more than one scenario for the same criteria

  • Support store group for materialmanagement.

  • Support under receipt qty for material management.

  • Support item / order selectivity

  • Support 3 methods for calculating the start & end date

    • Planned

    • Just in time. ( J.I.T)

    • Just in time operation.

  • Support scenario manipulation

  • Support scenario manipulation

    • Deleting scenario

    • Approving scenario

    • Change start date

    • Change P.L.T

  • Support graphical load over view.

  • Support detailed analysis for overload reasons.

    • Support user color presentation for overload

      • On manufacturing order basis

      • On operation basis

    • Release raw material requirement report.

    • Release for each scenario start and end date for each M.Os according to 3 types.


  • Automatic or manual release for approved manufacturing orders.

  • Automatic or manual reservation for raw material from stock upon user demand.

  • Automatic or manual reservation for raw material from purchase orders upon user demand.

  • Automatic or manual release for raw materials requisitions.

  • Automatic or manual release for outsourcing requisitions.

Production Control (Shop Floor)

Shop Floor Features

  • Fully integrated with AL MOTAKAMEL inventory system.

  • Fully integrated with AL MOTAKAMEL Quality control system.

  • Ability to create requisition for issuing or returning raw material from the costing module to be transferred to an issue or return note upon inventory user request.

  • Ability to link an inventory issue or return note with the costing module.

  • Ability to cost the finished good receiving note of a manufacturing order without physical posting of inventory module.

  • Ability to issue raw material for manufacturing order not included in the B.O.M under security permission.

  • Support good treatment for reproducing manufacturing order.

  • Support lot tracing capabilities.

Production Costing

Costing module features

  • User defined cost elements.

  • User defined productive cost center & servicing cost centers.

  • User defined cost center budget.

  • User defined distributing ratio of servicing cost centers on productive cost centers.

  • Ability to estimate production cost of any product before production.

  • Ability to analyze production cost of any product to its cost elements.

  • Comparing estimated cost with actual cost from different point of views

    1. Raw Material   (quantity – value)  

    2. Working hours   (Number & values)

  • Comparison can be applied on

    1. Manufacturing order

    2. Products produced

    3. Cost center

  • Ability to produce different products on the same manufacturing order and user can distribute the cost between these products on per defined setup ratio with ability to modify.

  • Fully integrated with ALMOTAKAMEL inventory system

  • Creating costing entries upon user request

  • Closing manufacturing order upon user request ( temporary – permanent )

  • Comprehensive method for work in progress treatment.

Quality Management

  • Features

1- Different Quality Elements:

 A- Fixed List (Verified By User).

 B- Number (With MIN,MAX& Target For Result Auto Creation).  

 C- Text.

 D- Date.

 E- Formula (Calculate From Other Elements).

2- Special Quality For Customer And/Or Product.

3- Supporting Four & Six Points Systems.

4- Quality Plan & Inspection For Product Processing Operation.

5- Automatic (According To Defined Formula) Or Manual Quality Result.

6- Stock Transactions Quality.

7- Lot Tracking.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Features

  • Equipment full detailed information including purchase , manufacturing ,parts , counters , meters , catalogs and operatingcautions & instructions .

  • Maintenance tasks describing estimated/shutdown/standby times , needed tools , materials , spare parts ,laborand executions instructions to optimize the achievement of maintenance services.

  • Maintenance routines describing maintenance Service which categorize , group and order maintenance tasks.

  • Inspections routines includes equipment checks , inspection tasks , instructions , labor ,materials

  • Equipment Monitoring transactions to monitor equipments operation conditions and performance in order to Avoid unexpected equipment failures.

  • Planning Master Schedule which schedule the maintenance and inspections routines supporting time (weekly, monthly, etc.), meter (hour meter ,heat meter, etc.) andcounter (piece counter ,etc.) based planning.

  • Supporting casual/sudden maintenance Requests.

  • Maintenance Queue managements which enable maintenance manager to approve, hold, cancel... any scheduled maintenance or inspection routine.

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